I am passionate about my career and my causes I support. I enjoy finding ways to tap into both my creative and analytical sides. Travel, adventure, and new experiences are what keeps me going. When not working in my career or with my other organizations, you can find me at a local brewery, listening to live music, or at a local sporting event.


Ben is born and raised in the Tampa Bay area with family coming from Pittsburgh. He loves everything about this area, a melting pot of people and cultures with something great happening all the time.

> USF Grad & Delta Chi Alumnus
> Enthusiastic Sports Fan of Bulls, Bucs, Lightning, Rays, Rowdies & US Soccer
> Dedicated, Hard Working, Patient, & Loyal Hufflepuff
> Dog Owner & Proud Uncle of 4 Amazing Nieces

There is plenty more to learn about Ben’s story…

Ben Dundas

Digital Marketing

My career in digital marketing has allowed me to utilize both my technical/analytical and creative sides, developing into a well-rounded professional.

Travel & Adventure

Traveling and seeing the world is an important part of my life. I make sure every year to find some new and exciting adventure that helps me re-energize my mind, body and soul.

Volunteer & Charity

Giving back to my community and utilizing my experience to support non-profit organizations helps me to appreciate what I have and what I can offer to the world.


My blog has a variety of articles related to my travels and my passions. Check it out to learn more about me.

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