30 Before 30 List

30-before-30After seeing many of my friends putting their lists together, I have decided to make a 30 Before 30 List. This is basically 30 things to do before I reach the age of 30. Since I am less than two years away from that mark, I had to be creative about what I wanted on my list. It couldn’t quite be “bucket list” items that would take lots of time and money, as I don’t have a wealth of vacation time or finances available. I went with some fun things, some things to challenge myself, some things to keep me growing, some new things to experience and more. I will continue to update my list as I complete each one, so here is my 30 Before 30 List:

  1. Conquer a Fear
  2. Learn a New Skill
  3. Take Dance Lessons
  4. Master Cooking a Gourmet 5 Course Meal
  5. Learn Spanish
  6. Complete an Obstacle Course or Mud Run
  7. Write an Article, Short Story, Poem or Song and Submit it
  8. Attempt a World Record
  9. Make/Build Something from Scratch
  10. Play with a Lion/Tiger/Bear Cub
  11. Watch the 100 Best Movies of All Time
  12. Read 5 of the Best Books of All Time
  13. Celebrate a Holiday I Never Have Before
  14. Meet Someone Powerful/Famous
  15. Spend a Full Day Nude
  16. Suit Up and Go VIP
  17. Rent an Exotic Car and Just Drive
  18. Take a Road Trip
  19. Tech Free Trip/Adventure
  20. Visit a New State
  21. * Go to a Big Music Festival
  22. Attend a New Sporting Event
  23. See a Piece of American History
  24. Sunrise and Sunset on Each Coast (FL or US)
  25. * Complete 100 Happy Days
  26. Be Happy with Appearance
  27. Love Someone
  28. Forgive Someone
  29. Help Someone
  30. Remember Someone

I also plan to do these items before my 30th Birthday:

  • Write myself a letter to read in 10 years
  • Create a 40 Before 40 and Bucket List

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