Endless Discoveries

As I traveled into Delaware, I looked at the motto or slogan on the state sign. It said “endless discoveries”. I thought that was funny with how many new places and discoveries I would find along this journey. This is my first new state to visit along the way and I couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer.

Camping at Good Earth Market in Delaware

I got settled into the Good Earth Market & Organic Farm at my campsite for the next couple days. The anxiousness was still there for this adventure. Part of it was because I had to start “working from home” on the road and wanted to make sure everything worked out well. The other part was still the COVID concerns and thinking I should just be at home. But there was no looking back and, as the days went on, I got more comfortable.

Camping and working from a market/farm is definitely interesting. It didn’t always go smoothly, as sometimes noise didn’t mesh well with conference calls, but the people there were very nice and kept me fed and hydrated. I also was able to sit in the garden by myself working in the afternoon… well except for the butterflies and birds all around.

I ventured out to three beaches while I was in Delaware, picking up beer from Dogfish Head and Big Oyster breweries along the way. The boardwalks of Bethany Beach & Rehoboth Beach were very nice and there was plenty of space to get some food, sit on or walk the beach, and keep my distance. I’m pretty sure I was the only guy on the beach with a mask, but I’m ok with that. I also visited Cape Henlopen State Park and sat for a little while in a mostly empty beach as some rain rolled in.

Sitting there on my own, I took in all my surroundings. I watched friends getting their insta moments, parents guiding their babies to the water for the first time, kids competing and helping each other play on the beach, and most were there with someone. At times, I put my focus on the water and the waves. While sipping on a delicious beer, I watched for a little while. People might have been looking at me wondering what I was doing, just standing there, staring at the waves, and drinking a beer. But here is what I was thinking…

Waves on Delaware Beach

The waves intrigued me. Each one was struggling to reach my feet. In order to get there, it had to get over the steep drop of the shore that most waves were able to do. But then came the difficult part. The waves that made it past that drop were coming back to the ocean and making it really difficult to get anywhere. Even the strongest or biggest looking waves would struggle as the previous wave was returning and holding its strength back. Sometimes the weaker waves would sneak through because the rest were not doing anything and could just scoot past. Then sometimes a few waves would merge together at the perfect time to rush at my feet with force, getting my shorts wet.

Waves acting on their own to accomplish their goal struggled with each other to get ahead. Some succeeded but most failed to get very far or anywhere at all. When they worked together, they were much more likely to succeed and sometimes it was a huge success. Shows how much we an accomplish if we come together to work towards our goals…

The adventure continues as I head off farther into the northeast… to Connecticut!