Family First

When planning out my road trip, there was only one logical first stop. Myrtle Beach. No, not to hang out on the beach or golf. I have plenty of places to do that in Florida. This was for family.

Visiting family in Myrtle Beach meant a chance to spend some quality time with my grandpa and uncle. My grandpa just turned 90 so I know it’s important to find time to visit. But also every other time I’ve visited, it’s been with my immediate family. This was an opportunity for it to just be me, and as an adult, not a kid.

So i made my way up the normal route through Florida and Georgia. No matter how many times I do it, the time it takes to get out of Florida still shocks me. I found a great audio book to pass the time and it was smooth sailing until I arrived at my uncle’s place. He and his wife were kind enough to give me a room! That’s important for a long road trip like mine.

We sat on the patio for much of my time there, enjoying the weather and talking. Lots of stories and catching up on family. It was really nice getting to talk as adults about our lives, careers, and family. We could relate to each other in a lot of ways.

After checking out the MarshWalk at nearby Murrells Inlet, we went to visit my grandpa and mimi (his wife). We talked a lot about my trip and family. Lots of laughs and smiles, especially as we talked about my nieces. It was really nice getting to spend that quality time with them!

So we settled in for the night after a delicious dinner and I got ready for my next adventure. It was a nice, relaxing weekend with family to start my road trip. Next stop… Delaware!