On the Rhode Island

Sunset in Newport RI

I continue my path on the road with a short trip to Rhode Island. Not really sure what to expect and one of my big activities in this state was actually a trip outside of the state. When I looked for things to do that were outdoors I only really found a few, but the weather and my work schedule weren’t going to make them easy. I had some time to kill before checking into my place though so off I went.

I was welcomed with a light rain, but that doesn’t really affect a guy from Florida. I grabbed my raincoat and umbrella, found a good spot to wander around, and toured a mostly empty Roger Williams Park. What normally would’ve been a busy park/zoo on a Sunday afternoon was limited to cars driving through or an occasional person/bicyclist. It was a really nice walk around the park though before making my way towards downtown Providence. The rain continued and downtown was pretty deserted, but it was a nice stroll around the government buildings and the waterfront park area.

Rose Garden in Roger Williams Park
Roger Williams Park Zoo

I got settled into my airbnb, met the roommates, and found a local co-op market to stock up on some food. After getting cleaned up after a long day of walking in the rain, I got ambitious with a late dinner. Scallops, mashed potatoes, and a creamy kale/mushroom dish were definitely a lot to handle after a long day, but it made for a great late dinner and lunch another day. I relaxed and watched some Netflix before getting some sleep for a long day ahead.

I took Monday off work for an adventure out to Martha’s Vineyard. Yeah, it isn’t Rhode Island, and I would be off to Mass next, but it was a close trip from RI and I was struggling to find things I wanted to do there. So off on an early boat to the island I was. It was a beautiful day out in the high-60s/low-70s. I ventured out to Edgartown first for some great views and breakfast, then off to Aquinnah to see the Gay Head cliffs and lighthouse. I then took the route over the Jaws Bridge to Oak Bluffs for a walk by the gingerbread houses and a delicious Lobster Roll in the park. I planned to get some local vineyard wine, but “fun fact” is they don’t actually have any vineyards… yeah… I know right? I made my way back to Vineyard Haven for a walk down main street before boarding the boat back. It was definitely worth the trip!

Gay Head Cliffs and Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard

So my last full day in RI also meant that it was a full day of work. I had my desk setup and ready for a day mostly full of meetings. I hadn’t decided what I would do on my last night, but my system was telling me to take it easy after a busy last few days. So I took a friend’s suggestion to drive down to Newport, but not before a quick tour of some spots related to the Family Guy show. Pawtucket, Del’s, Big Blue Bug, Giant Chicken and more were a fun adventure. But if I am being honest, I probably should’ve spent more time in Newport. That city is beautiful and I got to see a great sunset before driving around the massive mansions. It was a really nice driving tour around without needing to get out or walk around at all.

Pawtucket Stadium
Hasbro HQ with Mr Potato Head
Giant Chicken inspiration for Family Guy

My adventure to Rhode Island could definitely have worked out better and I could’ve spent more time actually touring the state, especially Newport. The rain wasn’t great and there is a physical toll I am already noticing on my body that has been mostly sitting at home doing nothing for months. I probably should’ve been more active leading up to this trip though. Next time I visit, I will definitely stay in Newport and really tour those mansions!

So after working in the morning and saying bye to my roommates, I spent my lunch break commuting to my next stop… Boston, MA.