Road Trippin’

Driving out of Florida

For the last few months I have been sitting at home, working from home, and pretty much just staying home. I started thinking about that and realized that I could “work from home” from anywhere. So I decided to pack up my car and head out of Florida. But, as I prepared for this road trip, I kept asking myself if I was “road trippin”.

As I started making my plans, I kept looking at the status of my state and the states I was planning on visiting. It was weird because without the current COVID situation this trip would not be possible. But that is also the reason that maybe I should just stay home. So I did a lot of research and found ways to be safe, work along the way, and still see a little bit of each area. That does not mean that the nervousness or anxiousness about this trip went away though.

I kept thinking that maybe I should cancel and not do it. I should just stay home and continue to deal with things the best I could. Was the risk worth the relief I may feel of getting away from home, into nature, and clearing my head a little. Ultimately I decided it was and I would just make sure to take all the necessary precautions for myself and the others around me.

So I stocked up on everything I would need for my trip, including lots of sanitizers, masks, and more. It was weird planning for being away from home for that long. The clothes for multiple weather situations, camping gear, work equipment, and everything else I would need was a little overwhelming. But I got it all ready and loaded up my Kia Soul to take it over 100k miles.

I am heading north on my way out of Florida for a few weeks. My hope is to come back healthier both mentally and physically. First stop is to see some family and spend some quality time. The adventure begins…