Lakes, Mountains, Sunsets, Ice Cream

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View from Ethan Allen Tower

I woke up around 6AM to make my way to my last stop before turning south. The rain heading my way changed my plans that day and meant the scenic drive wasn’t going to have much to see. So I headed straight west instead and found some stops to spend time before my Airbnb was open in Burlington.

First stop was to check out the capital of Vermont and get some breakfast in Montpelier. A short drive later I stopped at the Ben & Jerry’s facility in Waterbury, VT. Unfortunately the tours were closed and the timing didn’t work out, so I ate some ice cream in the parking lot and checked out the flavor graveyard. Then it was time to continue on my way to Burlington.

I still had some time left before I could check-in and the weather cleared up for a nice walk around the waterfront and Church Street marketplace. I sat on a bench swing and looked out on the lake, saw a few memorials, and then found a place to hide from more rain and watch the Lightning game. It was one of many times I was rooting the Bolts onto victory in a town filled with Boston fans. I was able to settle into my room and meet a very nice host and housemate. We took a short walk to pick up some dinner from the Skinny Pancake then I called it a night.

View atop Ethan Allen Tower
Church Street Marketplace
Walking along Winooski River

The next morning I had a great, locally sourced breakfast made by my host. I was pretty tired from my hiking and adventures in NH, so I was considering just taking it easy. The host made a great recommendation that wasn’t too tough though. I drove out to the Ethan Allen Homestead, then walked around the gardens and out to the Winooski River. I was at Ethan Allen Park to walk up to the tower with views across the lake to NY and Canada. It was an outstanding view of the whole area and I highly recommend the quick trip. I then drove around the rest of the area to see some of the nice homes and waterfront views.

After a short rest back at my room, it was time to go for a cruise on the lake. I walked down to the boathouse to board the Spirit of Ethan Allen for a sunset dinner cruise on Lake Champlain. I got a spot with a great view and had a delicious dinner. The highlight of the cruise was a beautiful sunset over the mountains. The sky was lit up with different colors and it was great weather to enjoy it on the outer decks.

Sunset on Lake Champlain
Cruising on Lake Champlain

My last day/night in Burlington I was good to just work and take it easy. Once I signed off for the day, I made a couple quick stops and then walked around Church Street Marketplace areas again. I had to get some more Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and then a great dinner and beer. I have been stocking up on some beers to take home with me, so had to pick up a few. Unfortunately it was tough to find bars open on a Monday that had some of the better beers, so I will just have to go back and do some brewery tours.

I went back to my place and watched the Lightning close out the series against the Bruins before getting ready for a drive the next day. After working in the morning, I packed my car up and made my way to my next stop for a night… Niagara Falls!