The Stroke of Midnight

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Mini Golf with friends at Stroke

So here I am, at my last stop on this long road trip. My adventure is coming to a close and I am starting my journey back to Florida. The drive from WV to FL was going to be a long one, so I found a city I had never been to visit. It just so happened I had some friends in Charlotte that I could stay with, as long as I was willing to share my room with Hamilton, their pet bunny!

At this point in my trip, I am exhausted. My last day in WV was a wet one, my body was sore, I missed my home and bed, and my mind was tired. I got in and we were deciding what to do. The offer for just hanging out, ordering dinner, and watching Harry Potter was made and I jumped at it. It has been weird all along the way with the mixed desire to go out and see everything I can, but also just kind of relax and be ok not packing every minute with activity. So we got some delicious tacos and watched the Goblet of Fire.

Lake Norman from Jetton Park
Charlotte Skyline
Oh My Soul in NoDa

Saturday was my only full day in town. We had lots of ideas and plans for what we could do, but the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating. We went to a local park for a morning walk before heading north to Lake Norman. The plan was to rent some Kayaks, but as we got closer, the rain got heavier. We didn’t feel like getting stranded on a lake in a downpour, so we decided to head to another park on the lake as the rain mostly stopped. We found Jetton Park with some nice views of the lake and a small beach area. Then it was off to get some brunch.

We went to a vegan restaurant called Oh My Soul in the NoDa area of Charlotte. The vegan chicken and waffles was amazing before walking around the rest of the area. Then it was back to get ready for our night out on the town. We got some delicious ice cream sandwiches, which mine was two warm brownies, with moosetracks ice cream, and cinnamon toast crunch topping. Then we were off for a round of mini golf at Stroke, an indoor mini golf course and bar. It was pretty cool and could definitely see that place packed when not limited for distancing.

Drinks at Stroke in Charlotte
Stroke Mini Golf

After we finished our drinks and round, we went back home. I hung out with Hamilton and watched the rest of the USF game before calling it a night. It was a nice short visit and enjoyed seeing my friends and catching up. Lots left to see on my next visit. It was time for my short 9-10 hour drive home to Florida to close out my road trip and think about all the amazing adventures I had.

I’m home…