About Ben Dundas

Ben Dundas was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. While the rest of his family hails from Pittsburgh, PA, Ben has held true to his hometown and supports the Tampa Bay community. Throughout his life, Ben has been involved in many aspects of the local community and has developed many loves along the way, most recently settling in and exploring the St Pete area.

Ben attended the University of South Florida and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. During his time at USF, Ben was extremely involved around campus and became an avid supporter of everything USF, especially USF athletics. He participated in many student organizations beginning in his first few weeks when he joined the Delta Chi Fraternity. He also maintained involvement in the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Best Buddies, while holding leadership positions in both. While he has graduated from USF, he still maintains his strong support for the university and everything it does.

The quote “Delta Chi was my first love; It shall be my last” definitely holds true for Ben. He has remained extremely involved in the fraternity, and fraternal movement in general, since the day he joined in 2004. Ben maintains his involvement at a local level with the USF chapter as the Secretary & Treasurer of the USFDX House Corporation and member of the USF Greek Housing Association. On a regional level, he is currently serving as a Vice Regent for Region VIII. He frequently attends both regional and national gatherings, including Founder’s Day celebrations, Regional Leadership Conferences and International Conventions.

Starting at a young age, Ben has always been a strong advocate for a variety of community organizations, both locally and nationally. Whether it is working with the local Humane Society or advocating for cancer research for The V Foundation, Ben makes sure that those around him are helping support a cause along with him.

Ben Dundas | Marketing Graduate from USF | SEO & SEM Professional

Finally, Ben discovered his love for marketing during his time at USF, which led him to start building a career in the field. While many in marketing saw the purely creative aspect, he saw the research, analysis and forecasting that made a business tick. He has continued to develop his skills throughout his career, working in a variety of digital marketing channels, including SEO, Email, Paid Media, Website & Content Strategy, Analytics, and more. He has worked with small businesses and large global brands to develop a local presence and generate leads. He currently works at PowerChord as a Digital Marketing Manager.

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