Research & Analysis

Research & Analysis

Growing up as a kid, most of my family and classmates assumed I would go into some field that was heavy in math or analysis. It surprised many of them to hear that I was interested in marketing. I had to explain that not all marketing is TV ads or direct mail, but there are many areas that require lots of research, analysis, number crunching, forecasting, estimation and more. It started to make sense when I combined that with the web design aspect.

research-analysisAs I started to get more involved in my field of SEO & SEM, I realized just how much ongoing research and analysis was necessary to truly be successful. I have worked with a variety of tools from pulling data and filtering in excel spreadsheets to robust analytics platforms. I could lose myself for hours in spreadsheets, analyzing the data to find the best strategies, and would enjoy every minute of it. I knew it was a perfect fit.

In my various positions, I have been tasked with analyzing website data, conducting competitive and SWOT analyses, researching keywords, analyzing SERP data, evaluating campaign effectiveness, doing budget analyses and much more. I have also received my Google Analytics Certification.

Google Analytics Certified

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