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As I started to enter the workforce, I was making an effort to find where the right fit was for me in the marketing field. I had received my degree in Marketing from USF, but there were so many options or paths to go down. I started working for a small delivery service in the USF area to try and generate customers, which led me to start working on optimizing the website and developing a PPC campaign. It was definitely a match for me with the combination of the analytical side of keyword & competitive research with the creative side of design.

I took my short experience to another small company that was growing rapidly and needed someone to help improve their website and grow their customer base. While the B2B model in transportation wasn’t an ideal market for generating online customers, I honed my skills and developed strategies that would be effective with our target market. Through a revamped and optimized website, as well as other online ventures, I was able to generate $2 million in sales. I also worked with the newly created franchise model to create a website structure and marketing plan for each franchise location.

Finally, this took me to my position as an SEO/SEM specialist at a local marketing agency. I used the knowledge and experience I had gained to provide SEO strategies for a variety of clients, ranging from small local organizations to an international company with around 300 franchises. I continue to do research and take certifications to ensure that my skills and expertise are always up to par in an ever-changing online landscape.

I currently hold the following certifications:

Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Bing Ads
Mobile Website
SEO Trained Practitioner
Content Marketing Trained Practitioner

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