Volunteer & Community Support

Starting at a young age, I have always been a strong supporter and advocate for a variety of community organization, both locally and nationally. I recognized the importance of giving back to those less fortunate than myself and the impact you can have on people’s lives with the smallest gestures of kindness. This has stuck with me to this day and I still maintain involvement with and support of organizations I care about.

Throughout High School and College, I was involved in a variety of organizations that supported the local community. I was an active member of the Key Club in High School and also volunteered at local nursing homes and in clean up initiatives. Through my fraternity at USF, I continued my involvement in the community through clean up events, working with kids, putting on events and raising money for cancer research. I also had the honor of helping get the Best Buddies college program started back up at USF and working with individuals with intellectual handicaps.

Volunteering at Humane Society

These days my support of the community is still going strong. I manage an annual clean up of a local funeral home, volunteer at least monthly at the Humane Society of Tampa delivering pet food to individuals who can’t get out of their home, support The V Foundation for Cancer Research and anything else I am able to. I also try to makes sure to encourage those around me to help support a cause along with me.

Here are some of the great organizations that I have been proud to be a part of and support:
The V Foundation for Cancer Research
Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Best Buddies
Delta Chi Educational Foundation
Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful
ALS Association
USF Foundation
Rock the Ocean Foundation
And More…

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