Website Design

Website Design

One summer in my early teens, me and a friend of mine decided it would be a good idea to create a website to pass the time. This wasn’t going to just be any website, but a video game review website. That meant that we could play video games all summer and actually have a purpose. It was genius!

After spending the summer learning how to do basic HTML, graphic design and website design, we put together a pretty decent website. It was a lot of fun, even though we sort of lost interest as the school year started up and we were at different schools. The good that did come out of it was a new set of skills that would eventually help me decide what I wanted to do with my career.

In my career, I have worked in every aspect of website development from strategic planning all the way through design, SEO, tracking and more. While my skills at a young age were a nice head start, it was the experience working in a corporate office looking to try some new web ventures and an online marketing agency that would prove most beneficial. I have been able to hone my skills in website development through a variety of CMS platforms, as well as become more experienced with HTML, CSS & PHP.

Check out some of the websites I have either built myself or had an integral part in:

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